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How we got started

One thing I always think about is how we got started. Yes we got the construction business from working on different projects and having people inquire about us doing other work for them. But how did this whole idea come to life is what I think about and it all started with the people we surround ourselves with.

A lot of our friends got into house remodeling and flipping in other areas around us and it made me start to think can I do this? How would I do this? What would set me apart from others and how to I make this a successful business?

All these questions needed answers before I could even think about actually creating any business. My thing about life is at a job your always counting on a steady pay check and now I would be counting on myself to make that pay check happen. This to me is scary and pushes me to a place where I would want to run from. However, planning, planning and more planning is what made this all possible. We started by making a plan.

Our plan,

1. What would our company be?

2. What did we see in the market and how could we make it better?

3. How would we go about this?

4. Who would work with us?

These are the questions that got us started. We always knew we wanted our company to be one that was honest, trust worthy and gave back to our community. When you think about buying a house it's one of the biggest investments you'll make in your lifetime. With that being said it meant not only making the house beautiful but making the house one someone could enjoy for time to come.

This is where what did we see in the market and how could we make it better came into play. We saw what other "Flippers" did and what kind of design and work they would put into a home. A typical "Flipper" would not take the time to go over budget to make the house structurally sound, making sure basements didn't flood or making sure you sold a home that had up graded plumbing and electrical. To be people look at the home for the way it looks yes and design plays a big role in your budget but to me I need to know that I sold someone a home that they could move in and enjoy without the fear of what could go wrong. A house is unpredictable and it does not mean that something couldn't go wrong after we sold it but I know that your electrical is up to code, your plumbing is up to code and I did everything in my power that you won't have any issues for years to come.

How do we go about this? We went through a lot to get to the point of getting our first home to flip. We looked at 50 different properties and put in 25 offers before an offer was accepted. This is what got the ball rolling. (Which well talk about in another blog post)

Now me and my husband thought well who's going to do the work? Who's going to help us get this house redone and how are we going to figure out what's to much and not enough? Well this conversation was easy because me and my dad have been talking about this for years. He's so great at what he does and he knows this made our lives so much easier. My parents took the leap of faith with us and my dad quit his job to work with us to make this dream a reality.

But this where family business comes into play. My family really rallied behind us on getting this business going. My parents worked so hard by helping us with watching our son, my dad working on the house for us (watching our child is how I could work, but my mom did this after she worked a full day at her job), my brother and his wife came over every weekend to help work on the house and my husband worked on his days off. Then to top all of this off our friends and extended family came in and helped as much as they could. A lot of people helped us get off the ground and that is something to always be thankful for.

Until next time,

SC Family

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