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How do you a pick a contractor?

I wish I could answer this and I wish I knew the cheat code on how to pick anyone to come in and do work on a project. I say project because I don't mean just an in home project or a deck I mean in general.

When we did our second home I hired people to come in and do the driveway and a few other things. Unfortunately for me I got delt a bad hand when it came to the people that I hired. I got work that wasn't completed the way it should be and I got work done that was not up to my standards. However, something you know have to get someone else to come in because really who can do everything?

Well I learned quick because now I can say I can do everything. With ever person who came in taught me a lesson. I taught me that ever mess up came upon me to fix the right way and working with my inspections and the townships allowed us to grow tremendously.

With that being said that doesn't mean you as a home owner want to go through the same thing and why should you? That is why I decided to make this blog so you could learn something new about a contractor and the work that we do.

Getting back to the point how to do you pick a contractor? You have to do your homework. Know that a good contractor is one worth waiting for and that really backs their work. When I say back their work I mean one who is not scared to pull the permit on a job. One who will pull a permit and have a dumpster/dumptailer in your driveway ready to tow away the mess.

Someone with the right attitude to say that your job is not too big or too small the one that takes pride in what they do and puts in the work to show it.

Until next time,

SC Family

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