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Flip House 1

This house ooh lord this house. When we first went and looked at this house you had to wear a mask because the smell was so bad. (This was before Covid was a thing and we did not just have masks on hand) Good for us because Home Depot was right around the corner. The smell didn't stop us because we saw such potential in the bones and the layout of the house.

The first house you always go in with a plan but for us that plan changed so much because you do not really understand what you need to do until you've done a house or two. So this house that should have taken us 4 months to finish took 7 months to finish which actually worked out way better for us in the long run.

The house was separated for every space and my thing is open concepts. I say open concepts because when you have kids or people over you want to be able to see them and interact with them while your hosting or hanging with your kids. So that is where we started was opening up the whole concept and taking everything down and apart. Well during this process it was just me and my dad getting to work and starting the process. Well the two of us were moving to slow and my brother wanted to come in and help which was a total game changer in two ways.

The first way this was a game changer was having an extra set of hands for clean up and demo because we all know clean up is the most time consuming part. But this also allowed for his input into the house and that was the biggest lesson I learned. My brother is so big on making space for everything and figuring out how to utilize useless space. Me and him walking through the house he found some many spaces that we were able to use and utilize definitely made this top notch. We gained about 300 sq ft of space in the house and we were able to add things that made the house more functional.

You never think when looking at a house all the places that you can transform and why would you? You are about to spend a ton of money and the last thing you want to think of is spending more. This is why we decided to set ourselves apart from the rest because we will spend that extra money to make sure your house functions to the best of it's ability.

We did not change everything to the house but we did change the entire basement (which turned out amazing I am still jealous of the laundry room) and with this change it added another bedroom and another full bathroom, plus an extra family room, laundry room (which is just as big as bedroom) and a utility room. We changed the upstairs by opening the concept and allowing a nice full functioning kitchen with island and a nice size living room, which allowed space for a dining room table as well. We put a nice sliding glass door in that gave a beautiful view to the backyard and brought in tons of natural light.

This house was something that I was really proud of and happy with but, there are a few things I would have changed such as; Adding central air throughout the house. This is the only thing that I would have changed because every house should have central air.

Until next time,

SC Family

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