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Dream Closet?

This one is really good and a post I have been looking forward to writing. So I need to configure a closet to fit a ton of shoes and cloths. A lot of the cloths would be folded verse hung which actually made this project configuration a lot of fun.

I know a lot of people do not love wired shelving and always want to stick with the cleaner wood look but I actually really do love it. It doesn't make the space look breath taking but it does make a space easy to adjust if anything needs to be changed.

I look at when I spend money how to I keep something for a long period of time and what is the most cost effective way to do this. So if my needs change or my clients needs change in the future will they have to pay someone to come in and redo it or can they just move brackets or add to what we created.

There is also a good way to make wire shelving hide and we can add wood inserts over the shelves to make them not show. I do look that hack as well!

Look for the pictures on the site and

on our social media! It's one transformation

that I am really excited about!

Until next time,

SC Family

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